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What shall I do?

2014-01-05 05:32:43 by SirDuckDee

What shall I do?


As you all may know, I am an animator, and one of my very animated projects is Roomies, my series. Currently, many people other than me, are helping out with it, but do not worry, they will be credited. As of these recent events, I can't work on Roomies for a couple of days. However, I would still like to make cartoons, but I dont know what of. so if you would be kind enugh to comment some ideas, I would definitely read them. Also, here is what I am thinking. I can either make short 30 second to a minute long cartoons around every week, or, I can make long 1 ro 3 minute long cartoons about every month. This will be mixed around so their will never be more of the same. I hope. That is all for now and I hope to see your beautiful comments below.


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2014-01-05 08:40:04

You should really post this in the writing or, animation thread if you need help. Try looking for audio on newgrounds if your stuck. They have some great stuff there.

SirDuckDee responds:

Sound like a great IDEA!!!!!!!!!!1


2014-02-26 10:55:15

Newgrounds is the worst place to look for ideas. Are you planning on making a comedy?